Tracing plus line marking paint

Tracing Plus : high performance line marking paint

The very resistant line marking paint

TRACING® line marking paint is used to mark-out surfaces and optimise traffic flows bothTRACING® line marking paint is used to mark-out surfaces and optimise traffic flows bothindoors and out: logistics warehouses, sports centres, grass sports fields, cycle paths or car parks.TRACING® is ideal for marking-out floors and other ground surfaces in low-traffic areas.The 750ml offers the best value for money for outdoor marking. This is the best quality / price compromise for outside line marking.

Properties of the Tracing Plus

  • Excellent adhesion and high resistance to mechanical wear.
  • Excellent resistance to dirt.
  • Crisp, sharp lines thanks to its purpose designed nozzle.
  • Rapid drying: approximately 15 to 20 min.
  • Marking duration: approximately 12 months, depending on the application surface, usage andwear.
  • Application temperature: from +5°C to 50°C.
  • NSF “non-food compound” certified, usable in food storage areas or where food products are manufactured.  NSF is the most know organism over the World. Registration number 149 448. Catregory code P1.

Only 2 pictograms

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Easy application with our marking accessories

chariot traçage ligne blanc 2chariot traçage ligne jaune 2 chariot traçage ligne vert 2 Canne de marquage aerosol pistolet de marquage aerosol


Caracteristics of the Tracing Plus

8 colors

white line paint blue line paint yellow line paint black line paint red line paint vert line paint orange line paint grey line paint

White Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151600
ref 750ml : 151800

Blue Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151601
ref 750ml : 151801

Yellow Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151602
ref 750ml : 151802

Black Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151603
ref 750ml : 151803

Red Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151604
ref 750ml : 151804

Green Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151605
ref 750ml : 151805

Orange Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151605
ref 750ml : 151805

Grey Tracing Plus
ref 500ml : 151605
ref 750ml : 151805

Marking datas

Line width 4 cm to 10cm

1 x 750 ml aerosol
a single coat 2 coats
One slow application 100 m 50 m
Rapid application 150 m 75 m

Composition of the Tracing Plus

Binder: acrylic and alkyd urethane blend.

Pigments: mineral and organic, free from leadmineral and organic, free from leadand cadmium.

Solvents: a complex blend free from chlorinated solvents and aromatic compounds (toluene,xylene, etc).

Propellant: dimethyl ether.

Application method of the Tracing Plus

Manually or using our application equipment (line marking trolleysspray gun handle, ou One-wheel marking paint applicator).

Drying Time: 15 to 20 min.

Health and safety

Safety data sheets are available free of charge onthe internet:

GHS labelling with a single pictograph.

Recommendation for use

Use head down, adjust the position of the aerosolin the equipment used to give an application height that produces the desired line width.

BEFORE USE: Shake the can vigorously in anupside down position to thoroughly mix the paint, continue shaking even after having clearly heardthe ball bearings.

AFTER USE: Purge head up (until gas only comesout) to clean the valve and nozzle.

General conditions for use

Whatever the nature of the surface, the following conditions are essential for the optimal application of TRACING PLUS®.

Correct preparation of the surface to be painted is imperative to obtain excellent paint adhesion. Thoroughly clean the surface to ensure that it is free from dust, dirt, grease, etc.

Relative humidity should be between 10% and 50%.

The application temperature should not be below 5°C.

For a good quality line, the first coat should be applied quickly (print layer); on the other hand, the second and optional third coats should be applied more slowly to obtain the desired coverage.

Recommendations by surface type:

  • CONCRETE : Before applying TRACING PLUS® to a new concrete surface, allow a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks for complete drying (French building trades standards) and the elimination of acidity.
  • ASPHALT : It is advisable to wait at least 15 days before line marking a new asphalt surface in order to avoid any alteration to the quality of the marking.
  • Special conditions applicable to “synthetic” (plastic, PVC, varnishes) and painted (epoxy, PU) floor surfaces. In this domain, there are several different types of paint and the paint used for the floor may be incompatible with TRACING® (resulting in poor adhesion). We therefore recommend carrying outa test before hand for these specific types of surface.


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