Line marking trolley

Line marking trolley (Yellow)

The pratical Line marking trolley

The SOPPEC line-marking trolley is specificallyThe SOPPEC line-marking trolley is specifically designed for the TRACING® and TRACING® PLUSrange of line markers... A multipurpose tool that adapts to take both 500 ml aerosols and the larger 750 ml size. It can be used fordiverse and varied marking work, wherever straight orcurved lines are required: Car parks, roads and paths, all types of storageareas and warehousing...

Properties of the Line marking trolley

  • It is composed of two sections: A cradle that fits onto a marking wand, which together make up the trolley.
  • Maneuvrable, precise and stable throughout the marking procedure.
  • The SOPPEC trolley adapts to awide range of different surfaces. 

Make your marking applications easier

anti musculoskeletal disorders

 Caracteristics of the Line marking trolley

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yellow line marking trolley

Yellow line marking trolley
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