A revolutionary brand

How many times have you been using poorly effective marking paints: paint dripping, breaking caps, paints that do not last in time or are not visible enough from near and afar... ?

With our SOPPEC marking paints, we provide you an effective and sustainable solution against all the hassles that professional workers in the construction, forestry and industrial sectors meet on a daily basis.

Our paints ensure you an incomparable marking fluorescence and durations adaptable to your needs (from 2 weeks to 5 years!).

SOPPEC is also the owner of a revolutionary patent: the TP cap ! This cap offers incredible resistance to falls, enables a clear and precise paint diffusion and protects against accidental tripping. This is the perfect solution for the safety of our users.

With SOPPEC marking paints, no more waste !


A total control of its field

For more than 30 years, SOPPEC has been a trusted brand for its users. Our products are constantly subjected to tests in order to ensure you an irreproachable quality.

Every product manufactured by SOPPEC benefits from our total control of the process: from the design, to the placement on the market.

If the brand is today an European leader in its sector this is for many reasons. Our products are durable, safe, easy to apply, and our ranges are often renewed to better meet the expectations of our users.

A brand for the man and the environment

The SOPPEC brand is very attached to its eco-responsible paint manufacturer image. You will notice that unlike the competition, our products contain only 2 pictograms thus ensuring a respect of its users, but also of the environment.

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