Line marking trolleys

For the use of line marking paints, SOPPEC offers a range of line marking trolleys that adapt on the nature of the surface and the work involved.

Line marking trolley

The pratical Line marking trolley

The SOPPEC line-marking trolley is specificallyThe SOPPEC line-marking trolley is specifically designed for the TRACING® and TRACING® PLUSrange of line markers... A multipurpose tool that adapts to take both 500 ml aerosols and the larger 750 ml size.&n...

tracing sport Line marking trolley

The Line marking trolley for sport fields

The Tracing sport Line marking trolley is specially designed for marking grass sports fields. This is the ideal solution for line marking on sports grass fields (football, tennis, rugby...) It can also be used on other surfaces using products from the TRACI...

Green line marking trolley soppec

The pratical Line marking trolley with an aerosol holder

A marking trolley in a single unit with the advantage of also being able to carry spare aerosol cans whilst marking lines. Its off-set design makes it easy to paint lines close to a wall whilst enabling the operator to see the line being...