Construction marking paints & accessories

Quality marking paints for construction workers

Reference for more than 15 years in the construction and public works fields, the SOPPEC construction marking paints were the first ones equipped with patented safety cap guaranteeing a flawless reliability.

We propose to our American users three ranges of aerosol marking paints that meet the requirements of the different professional workers in the building and Public Works sector : long-lasting markings, very high visibility from near and afar thanks to our highly fluorescent paints, non-fluorescent paints, multidirectional marking paints...

The reputation of our products is the result of a long quest for innovation with at the center of our concerns : the quality of our paints, the health and safety of the user as well as respect for the environment.

Safety and Environment : our priorities

  • Our products are designed without CMR compounds (carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic…) to reproduction substances of class 1A, 1B & 2 above 0.1%
  • Without Hexan et Methanol,Toluen et Xylen
  • Without heavy metals such asLead (PB), Cadmium (Cd), …
  • Without Environmental Hazard statement n° 412 :“toxic to aquatic organisms long-term damage to the ecosystem”
  • Our labels are in compliance with EU regulation n°1272/2008 and with its adaptation.
Fluo TP highly fluorescent worksite marker

The most fluorescent worksite marking paint in the market

FLUO TP is designed to meet the very highest demands for marking visibility and longevity. It is particularly appreciated by land-surveyors for setting-out and identification,but is also used in a wide range of other domains such as roadwork...

one-wheel spray paint applicator

The marking paint applicator that facilitates your markings

The new SOPPEC One-wheel applicator responds to the needs of the most demanding professionals looking for efficient line marking. This easy to use marking tool is a perfect solution to avoid musculoskeletal disorders as it allows to d...

Pro Marker non fluorescent worksite marker

The long lasting worksite marking paint

Promarker complements the range of fluorescent paint markers and can be usedfor many different marking / identification purposes: roads and highways, road signage, earthworks, pipework, building works and electrical installations. With excellent covering power...

spray gun handle

The marking tool designed for workers

The new plastic Spray gun handle from SOPPEC is lightweight and purpose-designed for professional ground marking. With a new design and new materials, this marking tool will satisfy even the most demanding users. This is a perfect solution to relieve musculoske...

Ideal Spray multidirectional fluorescent worksite marker

The 360° worksite marking paint

With its multi-directional 360° valve IDEAL SPRAY is recommended when paint marking and identification needs to be applied in different directions: earthworks and landscaping, marking in sewers, mines and tunnels,for second fix work on any horizontal or vertic...