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Soppec-Inc is a subsidiary of the TECHNIMA group, the main European player in the field of aerosols for the Construction, Forestry and Industrial markets.

Several subsidiaries, which are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of SOPPEC brand products, are scattered around the world:

  • Soppec Inc: Located in Montreal, Canada, for the Canadian and American markets.
  • Technima France: located in Angoulême, France, for the French and English markets.
  • Technima Central: Located in Ettenheim, Germany, for the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Technima Benelux: Located in Hertogenbosch, Holland, for the BENELUX markets.
  • Technima Nordic: Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, for the Scandinavian markets.
  • Cia-Technima Sud Europa: Located in Roletto, Italy, for the Mediterranean markets  


History of the SOPPEC brand


Created in the 1960s by Christian de Maillard, SOPPEC was a family business that manufactured paints, varnishes and wood maintenance products.

In 1990, the SOPPEC company focused on the production and sale of highly innovative aerosol marking paints.

Initially aimed at forestry marking experts, SOPPEC paints soon attracted the attention of construction workers following the invention of an innovative and patented safety cap.

tp cap open tp cap close

In 2004, Thibault de Maillard followed his father and took the head of a company in constant progression, becoming European leader in its sector and whose innovation and versatility were the key elements of its progress.

The year 2010 was marked by the increase in industrial equipment, essential to the maintenance and development of the company and its activities in France and abroad.

This year was also marked by an increase in the production capacity of the French site which was doubled.

Aerosol Dispensig Award

In 2014, our insatiable quest for innovation was greatly rewarded with the "Paris Aerosol & Dispensing Award".
The ADF Paris awards reward companies that bring and highlight technological innovations in the packaging of aerosol and dispensing systems.

 In 2020, SOPPEC becomes Technima France.

To make it simple, Technima today is :


soppec production lines

9 production lines
in  Europe

soppec logistic platforms

6 logistic platforms
in Europe

soppec aerosols

Capacity of 65 Millions aerosols 
produced per year

soppec 150 to 750 mL

150 to 750 mL
(net fill volume)

employees soppec

+ 220 employees
in effective

R&D soppec

18 employees
in R&D


A total control of its field of activity


Be sure, all our products are subject to qualitative tests, controls of all kinds (durability over time, fluorescence, coverage ...). We control all the manufacturing processes of our products until their sale on the market. This is thanks to this monitoring from A to Z that SOPPEC could provide the service that allowed to the company to become become the favorite brand of the most demanding professionals.

Risk control

Soppec-Inc responds to a global vision of quality, safety and respect of its users and the environment; the company includes in its approach a total control of the risks as well on its various manufacturing sites as on its logistic platforms.

quality spray paint


secured spray paint


eco respectful spray paint

User &

As a result, all our sites are classified "SEVESO" which implies a very strict application of the regulation related to the storage of the different gases and solvents necessary for the manufacture of our aerosol products.

Constant innovation in our offer

For more than 3 decades, SOPPEC products have been subjected to technological development so we can provide to professionals from the different sectors we occupy, the most innovative marking sprays ever.

These innovations are based on 5 main foundations:

  • Durability
  • Security
  • The enlargement and the renewal of the offer (colors, textures, functions)
  • The ease of application
  • Respect for people and the environment


client satisfaction soppec

Our priority : customer satisfaction

Our global group vision, necessary for the development of our markets around the world, is based on a key value: customer satisfaction.

That's why we strive to provide constant improvement of the performance at the right cost, to respect the hygiene, health and safety of our users, to bring constant innovation to our products and finally to listen to you in order perceive your needs and adapt accordingly.  



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