one-wheel spray paint applicator

One-wheel marking paint applicator

The marking paint applicator that facilitates your markings

The new SOPPEC One-wheel applicator responds to the needs of the most demanding professionals looking for efficient line marking. This easy to use marking tool is a perfect solution to avoid musculoskeletal disorders as it allows to diffuse upright.

Properties of the one-wheel marking paint applicator

  • Flexible, lightweight and ergonomic thanks to the choice of the materials usedand a design that focuses on user comfort
  • It can be personalised to your own brand (depending on quantities)
  • Adaptable to suit all sizes of aerosols, it is an essential tool for any worksite

Make your marking applications easier

anti musculoskeletal disorders

 Caracteristics of the one-wheel marking paint applicator

1 color

 one-wheel applicator

Grey one-wheel applicator
ref : 441617

Operation of the one-wheel marking paint applicator

canne spray 1 1) Begin by preparing the aerosol for spraying: shake and open or remove cap.
canne spray 2 2) Press on the arrow to move the slider back.
canne spray 3 3) Position the bottom of the aerosol between the groove and the end stop.
canne spray 4 4) Press on the arrow to move the slider forward and place the nozzle correctly in contact with the orange spray element.
canne spray 5 5) Press the spray trigger.
canne spray 6 6) Press the spray trigger.


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One-wheel marking paint applicator applications