Non fluorescent forestry marker

Standard Marker : non fluorescent forestry marker

The non fluorescent forestry marker

STANDARD MARKER is a non fluorescent forestry marker used for temporary marking in the timber industry, particularly in the wood processing sector. This spray paint is a great solution for identification of timber in sawmills, marking logs, pallets and wood panels, or applying stencils.

Properties of the Standard Marker

  • Excellent adhesion and excellent covering power on all wood surfaces
  • Marking duration: 1-2 years depending on the application conditions and surface
  • Temperature range: from -20°C to 50°C• Drying time: approx 10 min

Only 2 pictograms

high pressure sprayflammable productdangerous product for the user product dangerous for the environmenttoxic product


Caracteristics of the Standard Marker

5 long lasting colors

blue forestry paint yellow forestry paint black forestry paint red forestry paint green forestry paint

Blue Standard Marker
ref : 231901USCAN

Yellow Standard Marker
ref : 231902USCAN

Black Standard Marker
ref : 231903USCAN

Red Standard Marker
ref : 231904USCAN

Green Standard Marker
ref : 231905USCAN

Composition of the Standard Marker

Binder: acrylic.

Pigments: mineral and organic, free from lead and cadmium.

Solvents: complex blend free from chlorinated solvents and without aromatic compounds (toluene,xylene, etc).

Propellant: specific mix of isobutane and propane.

Application method of the Standard Marker

Manually or using our purpose-designed application equipment (forestry paint handle).

Important: Before use (head up): shake thoroughly.

After use: purge head down.

Health and safety

Les fiches Safety data sheets are available free of charge on the internet:

No paint mist or drips during use.

GHS labelling with a single pictogram.


soppec forest catalogue  technical data sheet


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